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Primary Bedroom on the Main

Having a primary bedroom suite on the main level of a home has become a highly desirable feature for a lot of homebuyers. It provides convenience and accessibility, particularly for individuals who have mobility issues or prefer to avoid using stairs. It also ensures that the homeowner can age in place, eliminating the need to relocate in the future due to mobility concerns. Additionally, having a primary bedroom suite on the main level enhances the level of privacy and comfort for homeowners. It provides them with their own space away from the main living areas, reducing noise and distractions. Furthermore, a primary bedroom suite on the main level often has a higher resale value, making it a wise investment choice. It appeals to a wider range of buyers, making it easier to sell the home in the future.


Nathan Cano assisted me on two different transactions. He came over and looked at a house I was trying to sell. He adjusted my market price and gave me a few recommendations to make the house more marketable. He told me he would have it sold for the amount I was looking for within 30 days. We sold our house immediately and received our asking price. On a separate occasion, my wife and I had been looking for a house without success. I told Nathan what we were looking for as far as house, land, a…
Barrett G.